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Marder Trawling Inc. has a brand new state-of-the-art packaging and freezing facility with highly trained personnel certified in SSOP and HACCP. In addition, we offer complete traceability to follow the movement through production, processing and distribution. Our traceability begins with incoming raw material, and is verifiable by our labeling and documentation methods. Verification of traceability methods is performed by both customer audits and third party audits.


Marder Trawling Inc. provides innovative and efficient packaging solutions for all types of seafood. Our experience of processing, freezing and packing is what gives Marder Trawling Inc. the leading edge for quality custom packaging of products and services for our customers.


We are the complete package; from freezing, packaging to logistics. Because of our packaging performance, we are able to meet precise shipping schedules. Our services include: repacking of both fresh and frozen items; freezing, IQF, Block, IWP, Blast freezing; grading, filleting and vacuum packing.
We are defined by our commitment to customer service. We believe the foundation of our success has been our ability to provide our customers with high quality services, backed by our responsive, personal attention.